This birth was an honor!  Baby Zane is the fourth baby in their family I’ve been able to photograph being born!  We thought his entrance would be pretty similar to the others but he surprised us all!  He started the evening head down and sometime during their rest and descend time he flipped!  This was a first for me to witness!  I was a bit bummed because at that point I had been at the hospital for 5 hours and I wanted to be there when he was born.  I’ve never been allowed into the OR for a C-section before but I was handed a gown and strict orders not to get in the way!  The OR was so awesome!  Better lighting!  More space!  I was able to walk around!  My view wasn’t the greatest but being able to see a baby brought into this world that was was pretty amazing!  Devin was so great to comfort Kiley and she handled it all like a champ!  The staff was so great to tell me where to stand and explain what was going on.  I can’t wait to photograph another one!