Tommy and Leo Twins Birth Story

I’ve photographed lots of birth but this was my first twin birth!  As a twin myself I’ve always wondered what the hold up was between my sister born 16 minutes before me compared to other twins who were born just minutes apart.  When I arrived at the hospital Maureen was getting her epidural and then we had a little time to let the babies descend a little more.  Soon enough the nurse came in with some surgical attire for each of us.  I was so excited because this wasn’t only first twin birth but also my first time in the OR!  I loved it!  It was bright and crisp and I just knew we were going to get amazing photos!  I watched as the nurses and doctors walked around preparing, each of them knowing just what to do and what role they would play.  Maureen and JJ both seemed so calm and collected. I loved how he supported her and helped her while she brought their little ones into this world.  After Baby A (Leon) was born the doctor broke sack and she instantly felt the urge to push.  Within minutes Baby B (Thomas) arrived!  They both came out calm and wide awake!  I can’t confirm this was my favorite birth I’ve photographed but being able to photograph my cousin’s twins and my other cousin being a nurse was definitely a spiritual experience!