Baby Ace was the third birth I’ve photographed for his family. I want to say his birth was the quickest of the bunch but he took his time transitioning. Mamma was induced at 6 am and 12 hours later she was 9 cm. I hurried over to the hospital, literally finishing my dinner as I was walking into the hospital thinking I’d be rushed. However shortly after arriving I realized we’d be a while as they had her rest and descend over and over. After almost seven hours with no progress they started to wonder what was going on and questioning ulterior methods of getting baby here. They did a quick ultrasound and decided to start by pushing to see if that would help her progress. Yep! Since they estimated a large baby on such a small mamma they had to tell her to stop pushing because they were waiting on an extra doctor to arrive in case baby got stuck. Once he arrived mom pushed a few more times and dad caught his new baby boy! It’s always so fun to see dad’s being such a big part of their new baby’s arrival. Her midwives could tell Ace was having a hard time breathing so they had respiratory take him and after hours of oxygen they decided to send him up north. Life Flight came and took him on his first helicopter ride. He spent nine days in the NICU for respiratory failure but was able to come home on oxygen. It makes you wonder how so many babies are born into this world with how many things can go wrong and be so grateful for your own healthy babies. I’m so happy to be a part of their deliveries to document these special moments!