When I got a call at 12:30am that my pregnant mamma was 9cm in labor I about died! What?!! She did most of her laboring at home and went in 9cm!! So rushed to the hospital with (luckily) a few hours until go-time. Alisia was wonder-woman! She labored so easily and naturally. She was laughing and happy up until the very end. Baby Roxten made her sick and hurt but she kept her faith and got through it like a champ! She let her body go 100% natural even to her water breaking! What an amazing experience that was to watch her water break as she pushed through hard contractions! She experienced one of the hardest things she will ever do on this Earth and lived to tell the tale! I’m so happy I was able to capture this special time for her to look back on for the rest of her life. Alisia you are amazing!