This was the second birth I was able to photograph for this family and I feel so lucky to have been a part of it. We patiently waited for Ryla to decide she was ready as Alisia didn’t want to be induced. She wanted her body to decide when it was time and it did! Our bodies are so amazing! My husband was going to be out of town the week after Ryla’s due date and I just knew she was going to arrive while he was gone. I had a surge of anxiety that evening that I needed to get my gear ready. So I charged my batteries, got my cameras, lenses, and cards all packed and by the door. Then I told my oldest son he needed to sleep with me that weekend while my husband was gone in case my baby woke up. After my kids went to bed I sat down at my desk to edit pictures and around 10:30pm I got the text “my water just broke!” I knew it! I waited for her to text me that it was time to go in and around 1:45 I went in. She labored about 45 minutes and only pushed for less than five before sweet Ryla arrived! Even with an epidural Alisia’s body took over and she knew when to push and what to do. Ryla was born with beautiful blonde hair and her older brothers are already smitten! I’m so happy I could document these special times for them!