I’ve photographed four of Casey’s newborn babies but this was my first birth I’ve been able to be a part of! Being her sixth baby we thought things would go quick so I cleared my schedule and prepared to rush to the hospital if needed. Day became night and then night became morning. I didn’t get any sleep because I worried I’d miss the call but soon enough I got the call that it as time! When I got there she was already feeling the urge to push but they were waiting on her doctor to get there. She kept thinking she as going to have her without her doctor so once he got there it didn’t take long before Hallie made her appearance! Dusty was such a good supporter rubbing her back, helping her get comfortable, and giving sweet words of encouragement. It’s always so fun when they don’t find out what they’re having! The surprise brings so much more excitement and emotions! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ase9ubzuZnQ&t=4s